Thursday, May 22, 2014

The final week.

This past week has been amazing. I have experienced the Trooping of the Colours, Buckingham Palace, Changing of the Guards, Paris, Wicked, the Supreme Court, the London Legal Walk, a lecture at King's College,  New Scotland Yard, and being able to stand and take pictures in front of #10 Downing Street. To begin with, I had a wonderful experience today of being able to go through the gates of Buckingham Palace and witness the Changing of the Guards right up next to Buckingham Palace. This experience was such a special experience and I am sure that if you search Youtube for Changing of the Guards on May 22,2014 you will see pictures of us behind the gates because many of the tourists thought we were quite important to pass through the gates and witness the Changing of the Guards while they stood outside the gates. After that we were able to pass through very guarded gates and stand at #10 Downing Street, if some of you don't know that would be where the Prime Minister resides. Following that we went to New Scotland Yard which is the Headquarters of Metropolitan Police. Constable Watson and a few other Constables gave a lecture on what their duties are. This was a special day as we said our farewells to Constable Watson. If it were not for him, we would not have experienced all the wonderful things that we did. But now back to the rest of the week. Yesterday was Paris and it was an ok trip. The morning was pouring rain but once it subsided, it was nice. We went to the love lock bridge where people put locks on the bridge and then throw keys into the river to prove their love. We also went to Notre Dame which was beautiful! We also walked by the Louvre but the line was massive to even and get in and I've heard it would take months to see all that it has to offer. After that we saw the Eiffel Tower which was breathtaking. We then headed back to the train station and came back to London. Another great thing we got to experience this week was the Trooping of the Colours. This is a ceremony that takes place for the Queen's Jubilee parade. Her real birthday is not on this day but it is tradition to celebrate it then. It was so amazing to see all the soldiers to respect the Queen even though they were just rehearsing. It was a warm day and it is not uncommon for a solider to faint and we did witness this happen. That night the girls and I went to Wicked the play and it was absolutely unbelievable! If you ever come to London you must go see it. Anyway has the week comes close to it's end, it is bittersweet!

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