Tuesday, May 27, 2014


My journey to London actually started in 2008 while I was attending Casper College. My advisor and professor Art Washut mentioned the trip that Chadron State College put on to send students to London to study the justice system. Little did I know that when I started studying at Chadron in the Fall of 2013 would I embark on this great journey. After the Fall semester ended, Dr. Tracy Nobiling sent out an email regarding the interest in the London trip. I began filling out the required paper work and found out we were going over the pond in January! As I look back the months went by pretty fast, I remember putting a post on Facebook that I had 60 days left and that flew by. Now that I home from the 2 week journey in London, that is exactly what is was, a journey. I had only flown one other time by myself and had only traveled to Mexico. I had no idea the great opportunities I would have on that journey. To name a few: meeting life long friends, going behind the gates at Buckingham Palace, #10 Downing Street, and Westminster Abbey. I am now on another journey which I only have been on for about a month. This particular journey came aware to me on April 21, 2014. I was diagnosed with stage 1 rectal cancer. I was told in the beginning of my cancer journey that I would not be able to embark to London but I twisted the arms of the doctors and they obliged. The emotions have been such a roller coaster. The London journey was put in place for me to escape for a bit and truly embrace what life has to offer. Tomorrow, May 28, 2014 I will continue on my cancer journey and undergo surgery to remove the tumor from my colon. So now I would like to thank you all that made my journey to London possible. First of all, Dr. Tracy Nobiling, thank you so much for be willing to work with me since I was an online student and being crazy enough to take 10 college students with you overseas for 2 weeks and getting it all planned out for us. Second, Maria from ISA, thanks to you for getting everything organized, all the coach rides, our oyster cards for the underground, and your advice on what to see. Third, our tour guide, Sarah, thank you for your intense passion on history and sharing that passion with us on all our adventures. Finally, to Constable Richard Watson, words can not explain how thankful I am to you for all the amazing experiences you provided us. Without you my journey would not have been complete. So with that said, I want you all to enjoy the journeys  life brings you.

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