Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Common American Stereotypes

As the time gets closer to fly across the pond, I sit and ponder about how the only other country I have visited is Mexico. I never really thought about the common stereotypes citizens of other countries may think about me since I am an American citizen. Some of the positive stereotypes of Americans are generosity, friendliness, optimistic, and hardworking. On the other hand people from other countries can have negative stereotypes of Americans as well. Some of the negative stereotypes of Americans are that we lack education, that we have a gun-loving violent culture, are arrogant and boastful. Many nations view the U.S.A as one of the most powerful nations, but with the condition that we are arrogant, cold, and blood hungry.  After doing some research on the common stereotypes of Americans I can understand why people of other nations have the belief that we have a gun-loving violent culture because of our homicide rates and other gun related crimes. I come from a small town and with that background comes many of the positive stereotypes of Americans but I could also see where people of other nations could view me as gun-loving since I am an avid hunter and live in the country. As I embark on my trip to study abroad I hope to impress the citizens of the other nations and have them believe the positive stereotypes about me.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

So this is my first blog to write for my study abroad program through Chadron State College. As the time gets closer I feel many things: excitement, fear of not knowing anyone that I am going with, and pure joy of being able to attend this great opportunity!