Monday, April 7, 2014

Ethnocentrism: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

While getting ready to study abroad I have thought about the positive and negative viewpoints on ethnocentrism. Many people have told me while preparing to go abroad to enjoy the culture over there and be ok with it not being American. One of the advantages of ethnocentrism is that the group or individual is immune to external influences. The positive part about that is that people that value their traditions will not be influenced or accept practices that they do not believe in. There are negative viewpoints as well. There is no diversity in the group. Another negative consequence is that the group or individual may miss out on the positive aspects of other people or groups because they choose to evaluate or judge another person or group. I think it is ok to have your own beliefs but they should be balanced and that you should be open to other peoples' views and values.
As I think about going, I am excited to see the way of life over there and even the girls that I am going to room with since I have only met them via the internet. It will also being interesting to see how the people in London view us as a group and individuals since we are from America. I look forward to stepping out of my own box and be willing to try new things and listen to the viewpoints and values that people have on life in London.

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